Squarespace is the most popular website builder for small business owners.

Embedding MeetFox into your website will help you generate more leads by automating your appointment scheduling process.

Integrate MeetFox with Squarespace

To get started on embedding MeetFox into your Squarespace website log into your MeetFox account.

Select Integrations from the left-side panel of your MeetFox dashboard.

Select Website under the add to website section of the integration options listed.

There are currently three options you can choose from when embedding MeetFox into your website.

You can use any combination of the above embed options on any page of your WordPress website.

Pop-up button

This option embeds a pop-up button on your website. When triggered, your booking page will pop up.

Select the Pop-up button tab from the website integration options.

You can customize the text and background color of your button and choose whether you want to hide or display your name and photo.

Once you've configured your button settings select Copy Code to copy the code block that will be embedded on your website.

Log in to your Squarespace dashboard.

Select the Website you want to integrate with MeetFox.

Then select the page you want to edit.

Select EDIT from the top-left corner of the page preview pane.

Scroll to the section where you'd like to embed your pop-up button.

Hover below the element or above the section where you'd like to place the button, and select the add block symbol. Search for Code in the block search bar.

Pase the code block for your pop-up button into the source code field.

To apply your changes, hover over DONE in the top-left corner of the Squarespace page builder and then select Save from the dropdown menu.

Test out your booking button on the page preview pane to make sure it works as expected.

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