Meeting types help you organize your personal and team bookings in an easy and intuitive way.

There are three kinds of meeting types:

  • Personal - books a meeting with you personally.

  • Round Robin - rotates the individual person booked between your team members, which is great for sales, customer service, or support teams.

  • Collective - creates group bookings of two or more persons based on their shared availability.

Personal meeting types are displayed on your personal booking page. Round Robin and Collective meeting types are displayed on your team booking page.

Create a new meeting type

To create a new meeting type, log into your MeetFox account.

Select Meetings Types from the left-side panel of your MeetFox dashboard. From the drop-down menu, choose Edit Meeting Types.

Select + Add a meeting type to create a new meeting type.

Choose either a Personal, Round Robin or Collective meeting type.

Once you've chosen the format of the meeting type you want to create

Main Settings

When creating a new meeting type, you'll need to give it a new meeting name, and select a meeting location (online with MeetFox, online with an external meeting tool, or over the phone).

You can also optionally add a meeting description that will be displayed on your booking page under the name of your new meeting type.

Advanced Settings

Advanced settings will differ depending on whether you chose

Round Robin Bookings

Collective Bookings

Organizing team meetings across different availabilities and different time zones can be hectic. MeetFox makes it easy to manage team meetings with Round Robin and Collective meeting types.

Meeting types can be either personal (when only you are booked for a meeting), Round Robin (when rotated between team members) or

organize sales, support and service teams.

Create Round Robin and Collective meeting types to manage your team meetings.

Team Meetings

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