There are two ways to add additional participants to a meeting:

Add multiple participants when booking

Log into your MeetFox dashboard and select the Share page button.

Copy your booking page link and paste it into your browser. Then choose a meeting that you'd like to book on behalf of your meeting participants.

Choose a date and time for your booking. After confirming the timing, fill out your contact information.

You can then invite more participants by selecting the + Add participant option.

You can add even more participants by repeatedly selecting + Add participant.

Invite multiple participants to a confirmed booking

Visit your MeetFox dashboard and select Home from the left sidebar.

Toggle to your Upcoming meetings and open the Details of the meeting you'd like to add more participants to.

Select + Add participant to invite more participants to your upcoming meeting.

Fill in the details of your invited participant and select Next to continue. You can repeatedly add more participants by selecting + Add another participant.

Once you've finished inviting participants to your meeting, confirm your booking to send out the invites.

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