Lemlist is a sales automation tool that can level up your cold outreach strategy by personalizing emails in a fun and more engaging way.

With Lemlist, you can customize email campaigns using highly configurable sequences that adapt to the data you've collected on your leads.

lemlist liquid syntax

You can swap out names, images, text, and videos to make each email you send unique to the recipient.

When you create a personalized video in Lemlist, it also doubles as a landing page.

You can include a video with the logo (or profile picture) of the company (or person) you're reaching out to in a personalized video email.

You can also embed MeetFox as an Inline Embed in the body of the email.

When your email recipient checks their email, they'll see the personalized video on their left, the message you've created on the right, and further down they'll see your booking page.

Now your cold outreach emails can include your MeetFox booking page as your call-to-action!

If you need help setting up your Lemlist + MeetFox workflow, you can book a setup call with us.

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