With the GoDaddy website builder you can build a website in minutes without any coding experience.

You can embed MeetFox in your GoDaddy website using an Inline Embed.

NB: Pop-ups, floating widgets and other types of expandable content are not currently supported in the GoDaddy website builder.

Inline Embed

You can add a MeetFox Inline Embed to your GoDaddy website by creating a new HTML section on any page where you want the Inline Embed to appear.

You'll need to first grab the custom code for your Inline Embed from your MeetFox dashboard.

Click on 'Integrations' on the left-hand side of your MeetFox dashboard.

Under the 'Add to Website' section, click on 'Website'.

Select 'Inline embed' from the list of website integration options.

Scroll down to the 'Copy Code' section and click on the 'Copy Code' button to copy your custom Inline Embed code.

You can paste this code into your GoDaddy website to add your meeting types inline using an iFrame to let your website visitors book meetings directly from the page.

You'll need to access the GoDaddy website builder to add a MeetFox Inline Embed to a page.

NB: Ensure that you have successfully logged into your GoDaddy account before you try to make changes to your website.

To access the GoDaddy website builder, navigate to your GoDaddy dashboard and click on the 'Edit Website' button of the website you want to edit.

Hover over the area where you would like to add the booking button, and click on 'Add Section'.

Click on the 'Files & Web' tab.

Select 'HTML' from the drop-down menu.

Click on 'Add' to add a new HTML Section to the page.

Select the new HTML section and paste the custom code for your MeetFox Inline Embed into the 'Custom Code'.

You should see a live preview of your Inline Embed in the GoDaddy website editor.

You can further customize your Inline Embed by double-clicking and editing the iFrame embedded within the code block to adjust the width, height and border of the frame.

To test out the functionality of your new Inline Embed, visit the live page outside of the GoDaddy website builder.

Whenever you change your MeetFox meeting types, the content of the Inline Embed will update accordingly.

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