You can easily embed MeetFox into your website with basic coding and design skills.

  1. Log into your MeetFox account.

  2. Visit the Integrations screen in your MeetFox dashboard.

  3. Open the Website tab and select the integration you want: Pop-up Button, Inline Embed or Pop-up Widget.

  4. Copy your embed code from the custom code block.

  5. Log into the backend of your Webflow website.

  6. Under the Elements panel, scroll down to the Components section and find Embed.

  7. Drag it into a Container to constrict its width.

  8. Paste the code you copied in (4) above into the HTML Code Editor that pops up. Note that the code may be pasted in a single horizontal line. You can scroll horizontally to ensure it’s all there.

  9. Click Save and Close.

  10. Select Publish and under it, Publish to Selected Domains.

N.B: You can also apply a footer code to embed a Pop-up widget to every page of your website.

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