You can embed MeetFox in any page or blog post in your Squarespace website.

  1. Log into your MeetFox account.

  2. Visit the Integrations screen in your MeetFox dashboard.

  3. Open the Website tab and select the integration you want: Pop-up Button, Inline Embed or Pop-up Widget.

  4. Copy your embed code from the custom code block.

  5. Log into the backend of your Squarespace website.

  6. Select your insert point on the page where you want your embedded code to appear and choose Code from the Block menu.

  7. Ensure you select HTML in the Type menu (the dropdown menu in the top right corner).

  8. Delete the default code that’s already there and paste the code you copied in (4) above.

  9. Ensure that the Display Source tab on the top left section of the Pop-up is left unchecked.

  10. Click Apply.

You could also use Code Injection to embed a Pop-up Widget from MeetFox. To do this:

  1. Follow steps (1) to (5) above.

  2. In the Home menu, choose Settings then scroll down to Advanced.

  3. Finally, select Code Injection.

  4. Choose where to paste your code (whether in the <header> or <footer>) and paste it there.

Click Save.

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