You can use Elementor’s Custom Code Feature to embed MeetFox on your website.

  1. Log into your MeetFox account.

  2. Visit the Integrations screen in your MeetFox dashboard.

  3. Open the Website tab and select the integration you want: Pop-up Button, Inline Embed or Pop-up Widget.

  4. Copy your embed code from the custom code block.

  5. Log into your WordPress dashboard.

  6. Find Elementor on your WordPress dashboard and select Custom Code.

  7. Select New Code or Add New Custom Code on the page that appears.

  8. Paste the MeetFox code you copied in step (4) above and fill out the Add Title section

  9. Choose the Priority level

  10. Choose the Location. Select <body> start or <body> end if you’re embedding a Pop-up Button or Inline Embed. Select <head> if you’re embedding a Pop-up Widget.

  11. When you’re ready to have them go public, click Publish and choose the pages on which you’d want your website to run.

Save and Close.

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