You can easily embed MeetFox into your website with basic coding and design skills.

  1. Log into your MeetFox account.

  2. Visit the Integrations screen in your MeetFox dashboard.

  3. Open the Website tab and select the integration you want: Pop-up Button, Inline Embed or Pop-up Widget.

  4. Copy your embed code from the custom code block.

  5. Go to your GoDaddy product page.

  6. Select Websites + Marketing then click on Manage next to your website to open your site.

  7. Click on Edit Website or Edit Site to open the website builder.

  8. Find the page and section you want to embed the code and add a section.

  9. Locate the HTML section and select Add.

  10. Paste the MeetFox code you copied in step (4) above into the Custom Code field.

  11. Use Preview to see your results.

  12. When you’re ready to have them go public, select Publish site.

NB: You can paste the pop-up widget code in any part of the page you want it to appear in.

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