mmhmm is a fun tool you can use to enliven your MeetFox video calls.

Virtual backgrounds for MeetFox with mmhmm

mmhmm is a downloadable app that is free to use, and easy to setup. You can download mmhmm for Windows and Mac.

If you encounter any issues during installation, visit the mmhmm support page. You can also get more information from their website:

Once you've installed mmhmm on your desktop, go ahead and open up their app to start configuring your virtual meeting settings.

Mmhmm for Windows

You can change virtual backgrounds by toggling the pre-set images in the right sidebar.

Virtual backgrounds in mmhmm

You can also add your own custom backgrounds by clicking on the 'Add Images or Videos' icon. You can also easily drag in any image or video into the file pane from your desktop.

NB: mmhmm recommends picking images with dimensions that fit a 16:9 screen, and a resolution of at least 1920 x 1080 to ensure that the background is clear and crisp.

Once you've added the content you'd like to see in your virtual background, you can resize and drag your own webcam view to fit your portrait anywhere on your screen.

To add some really cool effects, click on the Presenter tab at the top of the right sidebar.

You can adjust the image Frame to show either a cutout or rounded view of your webcam. You also adjust the position of your webcam on the screen with the Anchor setting.

To make things even more interesting, you can change the opacity (to blend into your background), and add a special effect, like rain, old film, static and beautify effects.

When you're happy with your settings, you can use the keyboard shortcut, 'Ctrl + S' for Windows or 'Command + S' for Mac to quick save your unique setting state as a 'Room'.

You can also save your Room by clicking on the menu toggle at the top-left corner of your screen. Then select 'File' and 'Save As' to give your mmhmm save file a custom name.

To apply your changes, exit and reopen the mmhmm app. Keep mmhmm open and navigate to your MeetFox dashboard to test out your new meeting room.

You can start an instant meeting by toggling the 'Create meeting' button and selecting 'Meet now'.

Click on the 'Settings' icon to the right of your video preview.

Select 'mmhmm Camera' as your Cam input.

Now you have an awesome mmhmm + MeetFox meeting setting that will wow your meeting attendees!

You can learn more about all their nifty video calling features by checking out the official mmhmm Getting Started guide.

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