You can easily integrate MeetFox into any Wix website by following a few simple steps.

Copy your Booking Link for a specific service

Log into your MeetFox Dashboard and select Meeting Types. From the drop-down menu, choose Edit Meeting Types.

Pick the service you would like to embed, by clicking on the Settings icon of the meeting type of your choice, and then select the Embed option.

If you want to show all your booking options on your Wix website at the same time, go to Integrations in the left sidebar of your MeetFox dashboard.

Scroll to the Add to website section and select Wix from list of integration options provided.

Copy the code block provided.

Embed MeetFox bookings into your Wix website

Log into your Wix account and navigate to your site settings. Click on Embed then Custom Embeds and then Embed a Widget.

Embed MeetFox on Wix

Under HTML Settings, toggle Code. Then paste your MeetFox code into the field provided. Click Update to save your changes.

Embed MeetFox on Wix

Customize the height & width of your MeetFox booking page

Drag and increase the size of the box to ensure that the entire booking page is visible.

In the example below, the Contact Us section has been expanded to fit the MeetFox booking page.

Embed MeetFox on Wix

If you need any assistance integrating MeetFox you can contact us via our live chat support or write to us at

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