With Krisp, you can mute any background noise in your video calls. It's a great app that we highly recommend.

Setting up Krisp

Create a free Krisp account.

Download and install Krisp on your computer. Krisp is available for both Windows and Mac.

Start the Krisp app on your computer. Adjust Krisp settings to Remove Noise from your desired microphone and (optionally) from your desired speaker.

Switch your microphone to Krisp

Whether you start a scheduled MeetFox video call or enter any of your instant meeting rooms, you will be able to configure which microphone you will use for that call.

To adjust your microphone settings, select the Settings button before entering the call.

Set Krisp as your Audio Input and (optionally) as your Audio Output source by selecting the option Krisp microphone and (optionally) Krisp speaker from the drop-down menu.

Then click the Done button.

If you run into any technical issues, feel free to contact our live chat service or reach out to us at support@meetfox.com.

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