With Krisp, you can mute any background noise in your video calls. It's a great app that we highly recommend.

Wonder how to set it up?

After you download and install Krisp on your computer, configuring it with MeetFox is super simple.

Step 1: Start a video call on MeetFox

No matter if you start a scheduled call or enter any of your instant meeting rooms, you will be able to configure which microphone shall be used. To do so, click on the "Settings" button before entering the call.

Change Settings in MeetFox video call

Step 2: Set "Krisp" as default "Audio Input" and "Audio Output" source

Simply select the option "Krisp microphone" and "Krisp speaker" from the drop-down menu and click "Done".

Add Krisp to MeetFox video call

Step 3: Join the call and enjoy noiseless calls - every single time.

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