With MeetFox you can set whether or not you want to manually accept bookings before confirming them or let MeetFox automatically accept all the bookings on your behalf. We generally recommend automatically accepting appointments to save more time and let MeetFox do the work for you.

The setting can be found under your Meeting Types in the Edit Meeting Types.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and toggle Automatically accept all meeting requests on or off depending on your desired settings.

Here is how your settings will affect your meeting requests.

  • Automatically accepting meeting requests
    All appointments will be automatically accepted as they come in and the booked time slot will be no longer available.

  • Manually accepting meeting requests
    Whenever a booking is made you will receive an email to "accept" or "reject" the appointment in your dashboard. Once the appointment is confirmed, your client gets notified and the time slot will no longer be available for new bookings. As long as your appointment request has not been "accepted" or "rejected", the time slot will appear as available on your booking page.

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