You can now use your personal email address to send transactional emails to your clients instead of the standard This way your clients will receive emails from your own domain e.g. 'thomas''


  1. You need to use an email address with your own domain.

  2. You need to upgrade to a premium account

To add your unique email address, go to account email address:

To set it up, please follow the following steps: 

  1. Go to "Emails"

  2. Click "Edit Sender"

3. Click on "Change

   4. You will see a list of DNS records you need to create.

Please note: the values will differ from the screenshot below.

5. Go to your DNS provider and create CNAME records as shown in the table above.

Example (GoDaddy):

Example (Digital Ocean):

Ensure that you create a record for your proper domain name/host like this and not

Important: Please note that some providers (for example, Digital Ocean above) show the domain part (host/name/...) while others omit it (GoDaddy).

6. Check if your CNAME records are public:

You should see a "green checkmark" indicating that there is a public CNAME record for your host:

If this step doesn't work, you need to go back to step 4. and 5., review your settings, and try again.

7. Once the records are created and are public, return to MeetFox and click on "Verify"

8. You will then be shown the following pop-up:

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