Yes, this option can be found in each individual meeting type. Simply click on Meeting Type, edit the respective meeting type and click on Advanced Settings. There you will be able to find the option "Display time starts every....".

Let me give you an example: 

  • If you offer 30-minute sessions, you may want to only start meetings at 08.00, 08.30, 09.00, and so on. Then you would select "Every 30 minutes". 

  • If you want to allow your customers to book at 08:15, 8:30, 8:45. Then you would select "Every 15 minutes". 

  • If you want your first customer to be able to book a 30 meeting at 08:10 and the second customer to book a meeting at 8:40 accordingly, then you would want to select "Based on duration". 

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