With MeetFox, you can setup your own custom domain for your booking page and meeting rooms.

Rather than having www.meetfox.com/john, you will be able to have www.yourcompany.com/john, giving you more branding opportunities.

The setup is very simple:

(precondition: you need to own a domain which you will added to your MeetFox profile)

  1. Go to your profile settings: https://app.meetfox.com/en/expert/profile

2. Change booking domain to any your domain you wish to use:

In a moment you type in your domain, you will be shown a red notification to create a CNAME record.

3. Go to your domain DNS settings and create a CNAME record and add in the information that is displayed below. 

For example:

4. Save your MeetFox settings. Once it is saved, all your links will be changed with your custom domain. Keep in mind, it may take a few minutes until the links work because of DNS TTL. 

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