With MeetFox, you can setup your own custom domain for your booking page and meeting rooms.

Rather than having meetfox.com/e/john, you will be able to have meet.mydomain.com/e/john, giving you more branding opportunities.

The setup is very simple:

1. Direct your domain to MeetFox:

  • Go to your DNS settings from your DNS / hosting provider (if you do not know your DNS provider contact your website admin for help)

  • Create CNAME record for your subdomain with value meetfox.lide.clearalias.com

(for proxy DNS providers such as Cloudflare make sure "proxy" setting is off)

Example DigitalOcean:

Set-up CNAME

Example GoDaddy:

With any provider be careful and create record for proper domain name(host):
e.g. meet.mydomain.com and not meet.mydomain.meet.mydomain.com

2. Change your MeetFox booking domain:

  • Go to your profile settings https://app.meetfox.com/en/expert/profile to "Booking link details" section

  • Set the booking domain for which you created CNAME record in step 1.

  • Scroll to the bottom and click "Save"

Change domain (CNAME) on MeetFox

CNAME MeetFox booking link

Change DNS Records
  • in case you do not see green check:

4.1 You may need to wait for up to 24 hours to get your CNAME record propagated

4.2. If you do not see changes after 24 hours, try to remove and recreate CNAME records as in step 1. again

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