With MeetFox, you can set up your own custom domain for your personal and team booking pages. When you add your own custom domain any meeting type that uses MeetFox for its video calls will also use your branding when generating video call links.

Using your own brand is a proven way to impress your clients and grow your brand's visibility.

As an example, instead of sharing a booking page link to meetfox.com/e/maria-meyer, you can instead provide meet.yourcompany.com/e/maria-meyer, which puts your brand front and center.

Setting up your custom domain is easy and just needs a few quick steps, that we've outlined below. If you have any questions throughout the process, please do not hesitate to reach out to us or book a set-up call with us. We're always happy to help in any way we can. 👍

Point your DNS to MeetFox

Go to your DNS settings within the server settings page of your web hosting provider (such as GoDaddy, Squarespace, Digital Ocean, etc). If you do not know your DNS provider or do not have access to your DNS settings, contact your web administrator to get further assistance.

Create a CNAME record for your subdomain with the following value: meetfox.lide.clearalias.com

NB: for proxy DNS providers such as Cloudflare make sure "proxy" setting is off.

Here's an example of properly configured DNS settings in DigitalOcean:

Set-up CNAME

Here's another example of configured DNS settings in GoDaddy:

Please ensure that the host of each record has the same link structure as all your other records. For example, the hostname can have the structure meet.mydomain.com or only meet depending on how your DNS provider displays each record (use the examples for GoDaddy and DigitalOcean above as references).

Change your MeetFox booking domain

Log in to your MeetFox dashboard and select My Page from the left sidebar.

Toggle the Link details tab and select the My page domain (optional) field to edit your custom domain settings in MeetFox.

Enter the new link to your custom domain under the My page domain (optional) field. Save your changes.

Test your new booking link

Return to the MeetFox home screen and click on the Share page button and try out your new booking link.

If the link works, then you're all set! Congratulations on your new booking link. 👍

Troubleshooting (if your booking page link doesn't work)

Check if your CNAME record is public by going to: https://mxtoolbox.com/SuperTool.aspx?action=cname

Enter your new booking domain (e.g. meet.mydomain.com) and click "DNS Lookup"

You should see "green check" confirming that there is a public CNAME record for your domain.

Change DNS Records

In case you do not see the green check, please try the following:

  • Wait up to 24 hours to get your CNAME record propagated.

  • If the link still doesn't work after 24 hours, try to remove your CNAME records then reapply them.

If you need more assistance integrating MeetFox you reach out to us or book a set-up call.

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