We have added the possibility to synchronze with an additional Google calendar known as the Secondary Google calendar. The secondary calendar will also have a 2 way synchronization allowing all your MeetFox meetings to be displayed on your calendar and any other meetings will be reflected on your MeetFox booking page as unavailable. 

What happens if I use more than 2 calendars?
The first calendar you synchronize with will always be considered your primary calendar. We will detect your availibility from all other sub calendars that are linked to your primary and secondary calendar.  Your primary and secondary calendar (if applicable) are automatically always detected.

To detect other sub calendars, go to 'Calendar' under 'Profile' and press on the arrow on the bottom right to choose which sub calendars to add.

See the list of all sub calendars and choose which sub calendar to add.

Please note: We only detect your availability (busy or free) from your sub calendars and do not display your MeetFox meetings in those calendars. All meetings that are set to busy in your sub calendar will reflect your MeetFox booking page.

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