During the booking process, you have the opportunity to request more information from your clients.

Go to "My Meeting Types" and click on the menu item "Booking Forms".

Here you can add as many questionnaires and please do not forget to click "Save". You can use different questionnaires for different services.  You can add up to 15 questions for each questionnaire. Each question can be mandatory(marked on booking page with * ) or optional.

Once saved, go to 'My Services' and then add a questionnaire to your desired service. 

This can be done by editing your service and choosing which questionnaire you want to include. 

Please make sure you press the 'Save' button to update your profile.

Once saved, the questionnaire will be added to your booking page.

You will receive the answers in the meeting request email. Otherwise, if you opted to automatically accept meetings, it will appear in the confirmation email. 

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