During the booking process, you have the opportunity to request more information from your clients.

Go to Meeting Types and click on the menu item Booking Forms.

You will then click on the Add a booking form and fill in the form name (which is the title of the particular questionnaire) and add a list of questions.

Once you have created the questions you want, scroll down and click save. Please note that you can select questions you consider mandatory by turning on the required tab.

Once saved, go to Meeting Types and select Edit Meeting Types.

Add your questionnaire, to the meeting type you want by selecting the settings tab on the bottom right corner of the meeting type and choosing the Edit option from the drop-down menu.

Scroll down and select the Advanced settings drop-down tab. Then select the Booking form tab to allow you to choose the booking form you'd like to add to that particular meeting type.

NB: Make sure you press the 'Save' button to update your profile.

Once saved, the questionnaire will be added to your booking page.

You will receive the answers in the meeting request email. Otherwise, if you opted to automatically accept meetings, it will appear in the confirmation email. 

You can also view the questionnaire details on your Home screen under the Upcoming Meetings section. Simply toggle the details of the scheduled meeting that included a questionnaire.

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