With MeetFox you can choose to have your client book a meeting with you through your booking page, or you can schedule a meeting and send out invitations to your meeting participants.

You can also meet instantly by creating a meeting room and sharing a link to start a video call.

How to Schedule a Meeting

To schedule a meeting, log into your MeetFox dashboard.

Select Home from the left sidebar.

Then select the Create meeting button.

Choose the type of meeting you want to schedule from the list of meeting types displayed.

If the type of meeting you have in mind isn't included in the list provided, you can go ahead and create a new meeting type by selecting + Add a meeting type.

Choose a date and time for your meeting.

If you've added a questionnaire to the meeting type you've chosen, you will be prompted to fill out the corresponding questions.

Fill in the details of the person you want to invite. Select the Book button to finish scheduling your meeting.

Ensure that your meeting details are accurate before confirming your meeting. A confirmation email will be sent to both you and your client.

You can also use an instant meeting room to host a video call without scheduling.

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