You can block off certain days or hours in your to ensure that you can't be booked for those specific times by adding unavailabilities to your MeetFox calendar.

There are two ways to block off times in your calendar:

Adding Unavailabilities in MeetFox

Log into your MeetFox dashboard and select the home tab.

Toggle the calendar view of the meetings section.

Select any upcoming date in your meeting calendar to add an unavailability.

Give your unavailability a name, for example, "time off", and set the start time and end time. When you've edited your new unavailability, select add unavailability to apply the changes to your calendar.

Calendar Approach

Log into your MeetFox dashboard and select the Availability tab. Select Calendars from the drop-down menu.

Then select the arrow sign next to your connected calendar to open up your calendar in your browser.

Find and select the particular day you want to add your unavailability. In the popup that appears (in Google Calendar as an example), select the out of office tab and fill in the details.

NB: The calendar approach allows you to create recurring weekly/monthly/annual settings.

Remember to Save your changes to apply them.

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