One of the biggest advantages of MeetFox is that once you've synced it with your Google or Microsoft Outlook calendar, you will never have to worry about managing your time again!

We currently do not synchronize with iCal, but have plans to add it in the very near future.

The synchronization feature is a two-way sync, meaning your availability on your MeetFox booking page will be shown accordingly in your calendar and vice versa. 

Let me explain, if you have a meeting scheduled on your daily calendar, your MeetFox booking page will automatically show this time slot as unavailable. Additionally, every meeting that is booked through MeetFox will automatically
appear on your daily calendar.

To do so quickly, go to your 'Calendar' tab, where you will see your past and upcoming appointments. Scroll down and choose the 'Synchronize option with your Google or Microsoft Outlook calendar'. Once you have chosen your option, sign in to your account and you are good to go!

Below is an example of your MeetFox Calendar that can be found in your dashboard. MeetFox calendar can only show MeetFox meetings as Google/Outlook doesn't give us access to your meetings.

Find your Calendar tab on the navigator and scroll down to choose your synchronize option.

Note: MeetFox is only able to detect calendar meetings that are set to either Busy, Out of Office or Away. Any other meeting that is not set to those is considered that you are available. 

Once these meetings are in your calendar, these times will reflect your MeetFox booking page and will appear that you are unavailable.

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