NB: Ensure you are logged into your Google/Outlook account to easily connect MeetFox to your calendar, the failure to which you will be prompted to provide your password for successful syncing.

MeetFox helps you sync your multiple Google or/and Microsoft Outlook calendars to a single account.

The synchronization feature is a two-way sync, meaning your availability on your MeetFox booking page will be shown accordingly in your calendar and vice versa.

To add your calendar:

  • Under Availability, click on Calendars. You can now add your Google and Outlook calendars by selecting Connect and choosing Allow in the prompts that follow.

  • You can click on the arrow sign below to view your calendar.

Note: MeetFox is only able to detect calendar meetings that are set to either Busy or Out of Office. Any other meeting that is not set to those is considered as available. 

  • Once these meetings are in your calendar, these times will reflect your MeetFox booking page and will appear that you are unavailable.

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